Path Deletes Uploaded User Data, Takes Accountability For Mistake

Following this morning's call from Mike Arrington for Path to delete its controversially collected user data, Path has just done just that. Maintaining the general theme of accountability, Dave Morin, Path CEO, has written an apologetic post on the social network's official blog. Morin writes:

We made a mistake. Over the last couple of days users brought to light an issue concerning how we handle your personal information on Path, specifically the transmission and storage of your phone contacts.

[...] We believe you should have control when it comes to sharing your personal information. We also believe that actions speak louder than words. So, as a clear signal of our commitment to your privacy, we’ve deleted the entire collection of user uploaded contact information from our servers. Your trust matters to us and we want you to feel completely in control of your information on Path.

Admirable, to say the least.