Tweetbot 2.0

Following the absorption of Tweetie into the official Twitter app for iOS, many clamored for a more versatile alternative. For most, Tweetbot satisfied that desire. Offering a unique UI, quirky sounds, and phenomenal attention to detail, Tweetbot 1.0 provided a brilliant, multi-faceted take on the Twitter app. Despite competition, Tweetbot remains the best iOS Twitter implementation and, today, it has reached a milestone: Tweetbot 2.0.

Boasting a revamped timeline, smoother transitions, faster behavior, and many subtle fixes and improvements, Tweetbot 2.0 takes the best and manages to improve upon it.

Shawn Blanc, Matthew Panzarino and Federico Viticci each have rundowns of the latest iteration. The consensus is universally positive: it's a fantastic update.

Even in the short time since its release, Tweetbot 2.0 feels great. The changes are not imposing, but there is a tangible and welcome difference. Things feel far more fluid and intuitive in places I hadn't quite realized needed fixing. Whether it's the pace or the auto-updating timeline, Tweetbot 2.0 highlights the relevance of third party development in an increasingly restrictive environment and I, for one, am grateful for that.

Federico offers the apt summary:

Tweetbot 2.0 accomplishes the difficult goal of dramatically enhancing Tweetbot 1.0 while keeping everything familiar and accessible, proving that Tapbots can still make the best Twitter client around.

Tweetbot is available here.