Tweetbot for iPad

Following the release of Tweetbot 2.0 earlier today, the folks at Tapbots have gone one step further and released their latest app: Tweetbot for iPad.

Catching many off guard, Tweetbot for iPad seeks to do everything that Tweetbot has done for iPhone Twitter clients for the iPad and, perhaps, even more. Offering powerful gestures, versatile service support, and a seemingly endless list of conveniences, Tweetbot for iPad has swooped in to rescue iPad Twitter users tired of the official app's relatively stagnant development cycle, and to provide a compelling independent take on the Twitter question.

Federico Viticci and Matthew Panzarino once again have reviews of the latest software. The new app, as with the changes from this morning, sounds unilaterally positive. Federico concludes:

I’ve been using Tweetbot on my iPad for three weeks now, and it’s good. More than good, it’s the great Twitter client power users and those who simply didn’t like the alternatives out there were waiting for. Tweetbot doesn’t reinvent the genre and will look fairly familiar to those coming from the iPhone app; Tapbots brought the iPhone version’s highly engaging experience and powerful features to the iPad, fine-tuning the interface and interaction for the bigger screen in the process. You have to despise Tapbots’ style to not like this app, as anyone who’s been around long enough in the industry can tell that, as a Twitter client, Tweetbot is an amazing achievement for its developers, and the third-party community as whole, which has now a new standard to be compared to.

Since launching ONE37, the official Twitter app has repeatedly hampered my workflow on my iPad. Lacking versatile URL shortening, for instance, I've had to jump back and forth through various apps to effectively Tweet links. Just yesterday evening I found myself using Tweetbot on my iPhone to Tweet a link to an article I wrote on my iPad. Though that's not a particular hardship, it is undoubtedly a point of annoyance when trying to work and Tweet efficiently.

Despite its initial novelty, the official Twitter app for iPad has unfortunately become characterized by a woeful lack of development and has accordingly become a source of sincere frustration. Having experimented with alternatives, the iPad Twitter arena has become an increasingly prominent source of negativity for me. Today, however, Tapbots has changed that.

As such, Tweetbot for iPad is, for me, an instant purchase.

$3 is extraordinarily little to pay for an extensible, working, attractive, novel, and independent Twitter implementation for iPad. It's one thing to build a compelling iOS app, but to do it in the face of increasing negativity from Twitter, and to do such a phenomenal job of it, is worth applause. If you have any stake in the independent development of apps, in the livelihood of the developers you so sorely rely upon, and in ensuring the continuing prominence of the iOS App Store, I suggest you look into Tweetbot for both your iPhone and iPad, rather than simply opting for the official free option.

Developing something that dares to do something more than what is required of it, based upon a tenuous contextual state of affairs, is an admirable endeavor, and it is worth rewarding.

Tweetbot for iPad is available here.