Camera+ 3.0 and The Maturation of the App Store

Released today, Camera+ has arrived at version 3.0. Writing for MacStories, Federico Viticci has a fantastic review of the latest iteration:

In January, I wrote “Camera+ is a rare example of a paid app maintaining a stable growth over time”. With the 3.0 update released today, I think tap tap tap has a chance to actually achieve more than that. Camera+ is, per se, a great-looking and powerful app to shoot, edit, and share photos. The 3.0 update builds on a solid feature set to refine and improve the functionalities and user experience, whilst adding a new sharing system and better support for iOS’ Camera Roll. If you want to get more out of Apple’s hardware, Camera+ is a must-have

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Federico's review is the immediate reminiscence of the recent updates of Instagram and Tweetbot. Simply put, iOS staples are coming of age. Boasting mature user interfaces, expansive feature sets, APIs, and deceptively complex functionality, the current wave of apps and updates is characterized by an increasingly serious overtone.

Gone are the days of kitschy apps to catch your attention, today's App Store is embodied by the maturation and growth of Camera+, Tweetbot, and Instagram. Experimentation is rife in new fields, cheap knock-offs are being rightfully highlighted and dismissed, and overall aesthetics and functionality are steadily broadening.

In this climate, it is close to impossible to dismiss the iOS ecosystem as dependent upon consumption. The bounds of apps are rapidly expanding and there is no evidence of any slowing of progress. As such, even with the update of a camera app, it is readily apparent that the manner in which we perceive and use our iOS devices is shifting.

Camera+ 3.0 is available from the App Store here.