ONE37 1.1

Tweetbot and Reeder

Although ONE37 has historically been in a perpetual state of developmental flux, I have recently made some important changes worth acknowledging. Starting with the incorporation of Fusion advertising last month, I have been progressively tweaking widths, images, informational pages, and the underlying mechanics of the site.

Somewhat arbitrarily, I have chosen to refer to this iteration of ONE37 as Version 1.1. In this version, the following notable changes have been made:

  • Fusion advertising permanently incorporated.
  • All pages and new posts are now composed entirely in Markdown and accentuated with the SmartyPants plug-in.
  • Sidebar width standardized.
  • Content width increased.
  • Title revised in keeping with the site’s formal name, ONE37.
  • Increased the number of articles shown per page.
  • About has been updated to include current information.
  • Curated Content has been reformatted.
  • A list of reviews has been added to the Curated Content page.
  • The direct RSS link has been replaced with Subscribe.
  • Experimentation with ad positioning and the incorporation of a hosting sponsor persist.

The site is fast approaching the five month mark and, given its relatively brief lifetime, I am outrageously pleased with the progress therein.

Having said that, if you are particularly repulsed by any of the aforementioned changes, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or by email.