Retina Web Clip Icons

ONE37's Retina Web Clip Icon

Shawn Blanc has posted a fantastic reminder of the necessity to update your website’s web clip icon. Shawn writes:

Reeder for iPad uses an icon size of 241×241 pixels to display the images for individual feeds.

If you’ve got a Web clip icon linked-to within in your site’s header, or uploaded to your site’s root folder, then Reeder will find and use it. If it’s big enough then it will fill the space, if it’s not big enough then Reeder will center it and it will have a white border. If there is no Web clip icon at all, then Reeder will use your site’s favicon and that will be small and pixelated.

A few days ago I updated this site’s Web clip icon to be 300×300 pixels.

Honestly, this has been on my to-do list for quite some time, but it has repeatedly slipped my mind. Thanks to Shawn for outlining the details of the requisite Retina update.

Also of pertinence is Shawn’s original web clip post from just under a year ago.