Xbox Owners Consume More Streaming Media Than Play Online Games

Xbox 360

Tricia Duryee reports for AllThingsD:

Microsoft’s Xbox is no longer just for hardcore gamers, but rather is beginning to attract a more general audience looking to consume movies, TV and music online.

The Redmond, Wash.-based company said today that for the first time, Xbox Live users are now watching more movies and TV and listening to music than gamers are using it to play online games.

Following the Xbox’s recent aesthetic overhaul and user interface redesign, the device has steadily undergone a notable shift toward a media device, rather than a bleeding edge games console. Considering the Xbox’s relative age, such a strategy is an intelligent maneuver, indeed.

Rather than allowing the console to fall into obsolescence — whether perceived or actual — Microsoft has managed to sustain the illusion of maturation and turn the Xbox business into one of the most profitable for the company.

The arrival of HBO Go coupled with the recent statistics regarding the rising prominence of streaming media, the Xbox has become, for many, the pinnacle of their home media setup, and it is only set to improve.