Predicting MacBooks With The Ivy Bridge Schedule

MacBook Airs

For better or worse, the Apple community viciously thrives upon rumor and speculation. Shreds of non-contextual information slip out of China and Cupertino, and are suddenly projected as interconnected and obvious pieces of evidence for forthcoming Apple products. Such behavior, in my eyes, serves only to undermine the impact of any actual release and to misguide rabid consumer expectations. Although, admittedly, it’s interesting to hear of the potential for new product introductions and the like, the vast majority of rumors exist only as patently unsubstantiated pieces of misinterpretation and speculative misunderstandings.

Having said that, there are instances in which intelligent inference facilitates fair speculative insight into the potential for future products. Evidenced by Mr. Marco Arment, discerning and smart inference is entirely plausible when it comes to Apple products and, importantly, such actions do not rely upon vaguely veiled “sources” and people “familiar with the matter.”

Regarding the presumably impending refreshes of the MacBook lines, Marco writes refreshingly conservatively with regard to his thoughts. If you are interested in forthcoming MacBooks or the potential for intelligent discourse regarding future products, I highly recommend reading the post in its entirety.