Following Apple's iPad Event

A little bit later today, we will meet the end of a seemingly endless trail of rumors, speculation, and incessant discussion. Apple will quell the masses and we will once again find ourselves on the cusp of the release of the next iPad.

As a quick summary, the next iPad is rumored to be dubbed the iPad HD, LTE and a high-resolution 'Retina Display' are virtual guarantees, a new Apple TV seems likely, and there has been a flurry of last minute speculation regarding the potential inclusion of haptic feedback in the forthcoming iPad.

If you're interested in keeping up with the event, I suggest either The Verge, GDGT, or The Loop. All have people at the event and all have a knack for offering some cutting insight as the event unfolds.

In the meantime, the Apple Store is down, Twitter is growing louder, and blogs all over the world are spinning up for the event. It's an exciting time.

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