iPhoto for iOS Foregoes Google Maps Integration?

Following today's Apple event, Stephen Hackett has made a remarkable discovery regarding iPhoto for iOS. Simply put, the app seems to inexplicably exclude typical Google Maps integration.

Although the findings are as yet unexplained and inconclusive, the aesthetic discrepancy between iPhoto's maps and Google's is woefully obvious. Furthermore, the integrated apps appear to differ, as Stephen highlights, from a number of other potential sources, thus rendering Apple's newfound maps as somewhat of a mystery.

Given Apple's increasing disconnect with Google, the removal of Google Maps has been framed as an inevitability for quite some time. Having said that, Google Maps remains in all other Apple apps sporting map integration. As such, with iPhoto, there is now an obvious cosmetic inconsistency within Apple's own environment.

It is certainly not the end of the world to lose Google Maps in iPhoto for iOS, but its replacement poses interesting questions over Google's remaining presence in iOS for the near future.