"New Apps Connect to Friends Nearby"

Jenna Wortham reports for The New York Times:

Many companies say it is beneficial and that their apps will help people forge new connections and meet someone they perhaps should know. App stores have been flooded with such tools in recent weeks. Kismet, Glancee, Highlight, Ban.jo, Meeteor, Pearescope, GetGauss, Intro, Qrious, Mingle and Sonar, hope to transform the smartphone into a social dowsing rod that delivers an alert when it detects other people nearby who share interests, friends or career goals.

Location-enabled friend finding apps appear to be the current fad for this year's SXSW. As with past years, the truly interesting time will come in the next few months when the smaller apps inevitably die off and the most promising will be absorbed into larger social networking entities.