Creating Memories

From his personal blog, Federico Viticci has shared a wonderful piece of introspection concerning the nature of memory in the current technological world. Federico writes:

When I think about the role of today’s technology in our lives, I believe the biggest and, ultimately, most human aspect of our devices and apps is that they empower us to create memories. They are helping us immortalize moments that would otherwise be slowly eroded by the vastness of our minds and time. They are not making our present necessarily better, but in a way, they are giving us better memories. Richer ones.

In my quieter moments, I have often reflected on precisely this topic. Although I sometimes come to a slightly less optimistic conclusion, I certainly admire Federico’s perspective.

Focusing on the enabling power of technology, rather than a lifeless environment of specifications and consumerism, facilitates for a far greater vision of the world in which we live.

Silicon, acquisitions, and design aside, I believe it’s endlessly important to take a step back, on occasion, and truly appreciate the creative, interconnected, and technologically dazzling world in which we live.

Focusing upon the granularity of iterative evolution allows for an understanding of technology, but it is not until you take a step back from this point that you can appreciate the fuller picture. And, as I’ve written in the past, it is the fuller picture that is always of the most importance.