Kindle Touch 5.10

Kindle Touch

Earlier this morning, Amazon released the latest update for the Kindle Touch, version 5.10. The latest version of the Kindle’s software includes landscape mode, greater international language support, instant translations, support for Kindle Format 8, and, amongst other things, Facebook and Twitter integration.

From my early tests, I’m thoroughly enjoying the landscape integration. I frequently use my Kindle at the gym (to lessen the dullness of lengthy cardio exercises) and, due to the sensitivity of touch, holding the Kindle upright and stable often proves somewhat challenging. With landscape mode, however, the vast majority of my problems appear mitigated.

Somewhat subtly, Amazon has also updated various portions of the Kindle Touch’s UI. Page numbers are now visible, there’s increased preference granularity on the home screen, and page turns feel viscerally quicker than usual.

Honestly, I’ve been somewhat taken aback with the quality of Amazon’s support for the e-reader since its launch. Although subtle, the improvements have been broad, stable, and utterly usable.

The update is available from Amazon here.