Paper by FiftyThree Hits 1.5 Million Downloads in Two Weeks


In a blog post this morning, FiftyThree has announced that their app, Paper, has hit 1.5 million downloads in the two weeks since its launch. Regarding usage statistics, FiftyThree has shared the following:

You’ve collectively created 7 million pages. Laid out end to end, they would stretch 1,215 miles. Stacked, 7 million pages would reach about 3,500 feet.

But most importantly, that’s 7 million times where you’ve pushed aside distractions and put ideas on paper.

Paper, although characterized by a somewhat frivolous conceit, has become a mainstay of my iPad usage. When relaxing, I often find myself playfully doodling for extended periods. The caliber of my drawings is utterly subpar, but the app is nevertheless novel — its significance not characterized by fleeting interest but by genuine, innovative fun.

Paper is available here.