Svpply for iPhone


Following the April 13 release of Svpply’s official iOS app, Bobby Soloman writes for The Fox is Black:

There’s an elegance to the app which comes across in the interactions. A simple navigation, easy to access sharing tools, and the ability to buy the products straight from the app make it both genius and dangerous. Pay attention to the subtle interactions, how buttons tend slide on and off with ease. I’ve found myself browsing through Svpply while I wait in line places, taking a place next to Twitter, Instagram, and Flipboard.

Creating such an experience should be of the utmost importance for all competitive entities.

Rather than recreating a web-centric experience, Svpply has created an experience characterized by delightful interactions and attractive visuals. In doing so, as Soloman highlights, the app’s icon sits as a constant reminder of the experience therein.

For a service reliant upon shopping and consumer interaction, such novelty is of visceral and financial importance — not just a frivolous luxury for existing users.

Solely based on what I’ve seen of the app’s design, I fully intend to experiment with the service in the coming days. I’m not fully aware of the app’s functionality, nor am I fully versed in the extent of Svpply’s services, but such is the power of an attractive and thoughtful user experience.

Svpply for iPhone is available here.