Incase Box Case for iPhone

Incase Box Case

Incase has just announced its latest iPhone accessory, the Box Case. Built with angular edges, a large Incase logo on the rear, and a soft rubberized texture, the Box Case, in my eyes, seems to immediately aesthetically transform an iPhone into a Nokia Lumia 800/900. Well, that or some sort of mid-nineties hybrid between antenna-equipped brick and touch-driven smartphone. (Either way, the iPhone is turned into something built by Nokia.)

Accordingly, I doubt it’s for everyone, but it’s unquestionably unique.

Although I will certainly not be buying this, the most notable and newsworthy aspect of this case is the overt deviation from the norm. The vast majority of cases strictly adhere to the general curvature of the iPhone form factor. Incase’s Box Case, however, dares to introduce angular edges, large branding, and eye blistering pink as an option.

Perhaps it lacks mainstream appeal but, at the very least, it is capable of attracting attention. For many, that is quite a selling point.

The Box Case is available from Incase here.