Why Was Wall Street Surprised by Apple's Performance?

Apple's Revenue

Responding to Wall Street’s near-sighted pessimism regarding Apple’s financial performance, Horace Dediu has penned an outstanding article outlining the evident ignorance of various analysts. Following an informative (humorously so) explanation of how the calendar year operates, Horace writes:

What Wall Street seems to have missed is that the gifting season is a global event spanning into January. In other words, buyers of iPhones aren’t concentrated in one part of the planet and they don’t all celebrate one single gifting festival.

The reason lies in the way the Earth is tilted and the way the continents are arranged upon it. So perhaps a better understanding of astronomy and geography would have helped investors make decisions during the past few weeks. I suggest remedial lessons for those who missed this.

Although I have yet to comment on Apple’s phenomenal financial performance, I believe my comments are rather redundant in their logical obviousness.

The company continues to shatter Wall Street expectations, sell millions upon millions of devices, and absorb an ever-increasing number of end-users. Even the $399 iPad 2 is finding sustained success. Or, more simply, Apple has managed to achieve a near 100% revenue increase over the year-ago quarter.

To visualize the numbers, I suggest looking at MacStories brilliant graphical coverage (as pictured above) of the results.

Despite bluster otherwise, Apple is not on a path toward collapse. Boasting a continuously improving catalog of products, an awareness of the shifting landscape of the computing industry, and an indefatigable sense of self-control, Apple is not going to embarrassingly implode. Quite the contrary, Apple’s successes are utterly sustainable at this current juncture and, with many new products and services on the horizon, I imagine this state of affairs will remain true for quite some time.

There are many who love to hate Apple but, simply put, such a perspective is antiquated. Whether you enjoy Apple products or not, the company’s success is undeniable, and should not be subject to such near-sighted analyses.