One of the most prevalent criticisms of the iOS development ecosystem is that it is inherently closed. Although competing operating systems boast increasingly comparable measures, iOS has weathered this continuous and woefully misguided storm since its inception. Despite the best efforts of some of the iOS community’s most thoughtful advocates, few ignorant opponents have been swayed.

In a bold indictment of the flawed logic beneath such nearsighted perspectives, Matt Gemmell has today released his latest piece of open source iOS code. MGTileMenu provides for a “pop-up tile-based contextual menu” that has been steeped in the tenets of accessibility, utility, and functionality. Despite being comprised of over 1,000 lines of code, MGTileMenu is freely available for all to use.

Reading through the reasoning upon which MGTileMenu has been built, I’m reminded of the true brilliance of the creators within this community. Matt has clearly dedicated large quantities of time to this project purely for the sake of offering something measurably good for the community at large.

Level whatever criticisms you might like against the iOS ecosystem, but Matt’s actions here are irrefutably deserving of praise.

As of writing, Matt has received no donations for this project. I would highly recommend you aid in the repair of such a situation (PayPal link at the bottom of the page).