Virgin Atlantic Offering Mobile Calling Between London and New York

Virgin Atlantic

Adi Robertson reports for The Verge:

Virgin Atlantic Airways has announced that its new Airbus A330 planes, and later others, will let passengers make and receive cellphone calls while in the air. The company is using AeroMobile, a GSM service that’s also signed deals with Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, and others; calls can be placed in-flight any time except during take-off and landing, and passengers are charged standard international roaming rates. This partnership makes Virgin the first UK carrier to allow voice mobile calls during flights, although competitor British Airways currently offers text service.

Upon reading The Verge’s headline for this article last week, I felt utterly optimistic. Several days later — and following a solid forty days of repeated air travel — I feel less than enthused at the prospect of exponentially increased quantities of traveler obnoxiousness.