Spotify for iPad

Spotify for iPad

Boasting beautiful, retina-enabled cover art, a novel user interface, and powerful gestures, Spotify for iPad has just been released.

With regard to the design of the app, the user interface is immediately reminiscent of Twitter’s paneled implementation for iPad. Although many have grown tired of this often frustrating paradigm, Spotify has certainly implemented some interesting touches. Whether it’s the unique gesture-based ‘Now Playing’ screen, powerful search, or the enormous cover art, Spotify for iPad is a refreshing experience, indeed.

In recent months — as I’ve clamored for an iPad-enabled streaming client — I’ve run Spotify and Rdio in tandem. While Rdio’s app is certainly capable, I can unrestrictedly state that Spotify’s app far outdoes its competitor’s efforts. In spite of this victory, however, I fully intend to sustain my Rdio subscription for the coming months. Rdio is undoubtedly the underdog in the equation, but the underdog in this instance happens to boast an utterly compelling social element for its service. Spotify’s flimsy Facebook integration, on the other hand, prompts frequent and outspoken contempt with each launch.

Now, with both Rdio and Spotify displaying their respective tablet hands, I find myself excitedly waiting for the forthcoming competition between the two. Rdio — ever a scrappy and affable service — has plenty of work to do, whilst Spotify has extensive refinements and improvements required of its entire application line.

As I’ve remarked all-too-frequently in the past, competition is certainly not a bad thing to behold.

As an aside, just to get it out of our respective systems, everyone please let out a collective “finally,” and move on. We certainly don’t need to be sifting through mountains of self-entitled headlines this morning, thank you.

For further coverage of the app’s launch, The Guardian, MacStories, The Next Web, and The Verge have extensive information and reviews.