Rdio Arrives in the UK and France


Although Rdio has yet to officially confirm the launch, the music streaming service evidently launched late yesterday in both the UK and France. Available for £4.99 for web-only streaming and £9.99 for unlimited streaming, Rdio is in direct competition with the well-entrenched likes of Spotify and Deezer.

Honestly, at the end of the day, each service boasts its respective benefits but all, regardless of personal taste, ultimately deal with an economy of music library breadth. Rdio, from my experience, offers a somewhat smaller library in comparison to Spotify but, for what it lacks in an endless library, Rdio makes up for it in novel and affable social implementation.

I highly recommend at least experimenting with Rdio. The recent redesign, social aspect, and ever-increasing selection, all contribute to a wonderful music streaming experience. Perhaps it’s not for you but, in spite of such a presumption, I tend to think it’s worth — at the very least — a cursory glance.