Tim Cook's D10 Interview


For an in-depth look at Mr. Cook’s interview, I highly recommend visiting MacStories’ worryingly detailed look at the D10 event.

I followed along via several live-blogs yesterday evening and I found myself taken aback by Mr. Cook’s demeanor. Cook deftly answered the vast majority of questions asked of him, regardless of difficulty or sensitivity, and eloquently shared just enough with the audience. Trivial as that might sound of a CEO, I tend to think it’s a bold endorsement of Cook’s ability, readiness, and his stewardship of Apple.

With specific regard to the content of the interview — and of the utmost relevance to the current topics of the rumor mill — I found Cook’s remarks concerning the size of iOS devices to be particularly fascinating. With many signs pointing to a larger iPhone — and, indeed, a smaller iPad — Cook boldly announced:

We have one phone with one screen size and one resolution, and so it’s pretty simple if you’re a developer.

Granted, an Apple executive feigning ignorance up to the moment of a product’s release — particularly in light of Cook’s comments concerning secrecy — is not an uncommon occurrence, but it certainly seemed interestingly timed. Moreover, such a statement is veritably packed with potential ramifications for the forthcoming sizing alterations for the iOS product-line. Rather than speculate here, I imagine the vast majority of rumor-centric outlets will have the topic torn to shreds in short order.

Cook handled himself extremely well, and I’d hope that his performance may lend further credence to his position as CEO. Despite record performance, there is evidently a distinct leniency toward the vision of Cook as some sort of pretender. Yet, following last night’s performance, I can honestly say that I believe Apple is in the best hands possible. Cook is a shrewd and intelligent businessman, and any underestimation otherwise would be foolish to hold.

Having remarked upon the topic of an Apple television, larger iPhone, content service, and so on, I certainly hope the quality of Cook’s person is not lost amid the rabid struggle for rumors and headlines.