WWDC 2012

Moscone West

Following months of grueling anticipation, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference begins tomorrow and, for the first time, I will be in attendance.

Arriving later today, June 10, I intend to be in the general vicinity of Moscone West right up until my departure on Friday evening. If you happen across me at a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant, please take a moment to say “Hello.”

Considering my experiences at Macworld back in January, I’m endlessly excited to meet and chat with the people of the community. Although Macworld certainly had plenty to offer from a technical standpoint, the greatest reward was taken from delving into an environment of like-minded individuals. Whether embarking on an impromptu trip to Apple, having late-night drinks at the W Hotel, or sitting for a quiet lunch, there was — as I wrote — a truly palpable sense of community and belonging.

From what I’ve been told, WWDC serves as a rather significant multiplier of such experiences.

Beginning this evening, I’ll be sharing my impressions and updates across a variety of social mediums. For photographs, follow me — username mattalexander — on Instagram. For text updates and locations, follow my personal account on Twitter. Finally, for full analysis, live-blogging, and long form writing, you can — of course — read ONE37 or follow the ONE37 Twitter feed.

With specific regard to tomorrow’s keynote, I will provide live updates and commentary to both Twitter accounts and ONE37. In the aftermath of the event — as is customary — the latest in my series of critical readings will be released.

If you’d like to meet up for a drink, to share a new product or app, or simply have a brief chat, please feel free to email or ping me on Twitter.