Spotify Launches Web Radio Service


Peter Kafka:

Spotify, which lets people listen to music for free, on demand, has finally launched its own Web radio service, which more or less mirrors Pandora’s core radio service. That is, this is a “real” Web radio service, that comes with advertising, unlike iterations Spotify has released in the past.

I saw Spotify’s offering via a very quick demo yesterday. If you’re a Pandora fan, it looks pretty compelling, though you’re much better off checking it out for yourself, as long as you have an iPad or iPhone — an Android version is in the works.

But here’s the key takeaway: Spotify now has an option that lets people use the service for free, on mobile devices. Up until now, the only way to get Spotify on the go was to pay $10 or more per month, while Pandora’s key selling point was free mobility.

Although there are plenty of compelling alternatives, Spotify has undoubtedly gained the greatest quantity of collective buzz for the non-technology-enthusiast public. Boasting pre-existing hype from Europe, a successful launch, and a broad variety of apps, Spotify sports a distinct sense of mass-market appeal.

With freely available content for mobile users, this appeal is only going to grow.