WWDC 2012 Session Videos


Late yesterday, Apple posted its WWDC ‘12 session videos for developer consumption. Although such an announcement is normally outside of my purview here, there are two notable elements of this item of news worth exploring.

First — and, perhaps, most obviously — is the sheer pace of availability. As is noted by John Gruber, such media has traditionally been unavailable for weeks after WWDC. This year, however, it has taken only four days.

Second, having spoken with an enormous number of non-attending developers that nonetheless visited San Francisco for WWDC, these videos are of enormous use. Considering the swelling number of journalists buying tickets for the event, the one hour forty-three minute sellout time, and the ever-increasing volume of interest, Apple’s responsiveness to its developer community is a fascinating and utterly logical characteristic to behold.

Combining these two central points, it is rather clear that Apple is moving swiftly to instill a lasting and profound sense of contentment within its growing development communities. Although I’m told experiencing the sessions in person far outperforms a video representation, the cost of entry for such events is growing increasingly impractical for broad numbers of developers.

The success of Apple’s devices is wholly contingent upon the fertile grounds laid for developers. Thus, regardless of stature, attendance, quality, or otherwise, Apple is intelligently attempting to appease and endear the entirety of its development communities.

Such an endeavor is not only affable, but may also prove paramount to Apple’s lasting success in the third party development environment.