Apple Releases Standalone Podcasts App


Following the beta release of iOS 6, rumors began to gain pace concerning the separation of podcasts from the official for iOS. Abruptly, Apple has confirmed the community’s collective suspicions and has today released a standalone app entitled, Podcasts.

Despite widespread rumor, Apple’s intentions remain unclear. In an optimistic sense, Apple may be working to ensure the discoverability and increased visibility of podcasts. In a conversely pessimistic sense, Apple’s actions here may prove indicative of the company’s disinterest in the podcasting medium. Furthermore, considering the well-developed nature of’s podcast-specific competitors, Apple may simply perceive the podcasting field as a lost battle.

As the app disseminates across the podcasting community, it will certainly be interesting to hear the reactions of participants, and the metric impact of Podcasts upon apps such as Instacast.

Podcasts is freely available from the App Store.