Google Announces Chrome and Drive for iOS


Harrison Weber:

Believe it or not, Google has somehow struck a deal with Apple to bring Chrome into the App Store for both the iPad and iPhone. Google Chrome for iOS features all of the tab syncing and credential syncing features of Chrome for Android, allowing you to carry over your settings, browsing history and logins from any device to the iPhone and iPad.

[…] Today, Google Drive is coming to iOS and Chrome OS, for mobile devices. The app lets you save files for offline viewing, which is huge. The iOS release will be available today. As for Chrome OS, Google has introduced syncing in the background, and lightning fast document viewing. Everything is synced in real-time over all devices.

Although both are certainly welcome additions to the iOS ecosystem, I worry that Chrome will fall upon deaf ears. Considering the lack of ability to change the default browser and the inability to implement the Nitro Javascript engine, Chrome for iOS faces a significantly uphill battle for consumer mindshare.

Having said that, I’m excited to experiment with the app. iCloud syncing and the newfound omnibar in Safari 6 have currently won my day-to-day usage, but Chrome is certainly a fantastic browser on the Mac. Boasting potent syncing capabilities and a new UI, it’s unquestionably worth a look.

Google Drive for iOS is available from the App Store. Google Chrome for iOS is also available from the App Store.