Louis C.K. Independently Sells 100,000 Tickets Within 45 Hours

Louis C.K.

Following the successful independent distribution of his latest stand-up special late last year, Louis C.K.’s latest experiment appears to have paid off. Announced on Twitter, Mr. C.K. wrote:

Within an extraordinarily small timeframe, Louis C.K. has once again offered a profound statement regarding the nature of the media industry. Following indictments of both media and ticket distribution, Mr. C.K. has thereby decisively proven that independent distribution is thoroughly within the bounds of financial feasibility, mass-market accessibility, and consumer affability.

Here’s hoping Mr. C.K.’s innovative maneuverings further catalyze media attitudes in a meaningful way moving forward.

P.S., my apologies for the repeated title image, but it’s simply too perfect to avoid re-using.