Minimal Mac: What We Believe In


Patrick Rhone:

Now, I wish to be very clear about what this is. Every single item in this book exists on the site as it stands — right now — for free. I have simply done the hard work for you; which is going through nearly 2000 updates and compiling the best posts, essays, and quotes into a couple of hundred pages. I then had these professionally edited and the cover, layout, and design done to make it an attractive and easy to read book.

Several years ago, Minimal Mac completely redefined my conception of what a technology-centric writing community could be. Holding close to its central conceit, Patrick Rhone had built something truly marvelous for the Mac community. Today, Minimal Mac exists as a lasting example of great writing, holding true to a cause, and sustaining a familiar voice.

Almost three years since its launch, Patrick has now collected some of the best excerpts from his site into an e-book. Available for only $5 in Kindle and ePub formats, Minimal Mac: What We Believe In is a must have for any fan of Patrick’s work. Moreover, it provides a fantastic opportunity to support phenomenal creator.

Minimal Mac: What We Believe In is available for $5 from GumRoad.