Instapaper for Android


Despite many (many) statements to the contrary, Mr. Marco Arment has today released an official Android edition of his popular iOS app, Instapaper.

Nevertheless, despite boasting the Instapaper moniker, the Android app is in fact the result of a commission between Marco and mobile developer, Mobelux. Accordingly, as is noted by Ellis Hamburger in his exclusive review of the app, the app isn’t necessarily up-to-par with Marco’s famous penchant for perfectionism with his releases. Ellis writes:

While Android still isn’t Arment’s top priority, we’re glad he was brave enough to entrust his baby to the hands of another for distribution on the most popular mobile platform. The result is a decent 1.0 app that isn’t as polished as something you’d expect from Arment. A pencil icon in your the app’s main screen highlights when you tap it, but doesn’t do anything unless you have custom-created folders. The three-dotted menu bar at the bottom of the screen on our HTC devices often does nothing at all when you press it. The app doesn’t include geo-fenced automatic article syncing like Arment added recently for iPhone. Yet, the app will undoubtedly please hundreds of thousands of users, and is a sign that some kind of parity between iOS and Android apps is coming. In fact, Mobelux assured us that updates are coming soon to bring the app up to par with Arment’s iOS app. Until then, go grab Instapaper for Android — it’s your next Instapaper client.

For those interested in the philosophy behind this — rather unexpected — release, Ben Popper also has a separate interview with Marco concerning his decision.

Instapaper for Android is available from the Google Play store here.