Regarding the Facebook Privacy Notice


Early this week, I noticed an influx of Facebook privacy notices posted by friends on the social network. Sporting some lengthy legal jargon and blatant ignorance unseen since the day of late-nineties email chains, the notice is clearly utterly meaningless. Fortunately, Mat Honan has done everyone a favor and proven such an assumption as fact:

This is the online equivalent of wearing a “no fat chicks” t-shirt, and is just as enforceable. You might as well post a status update that Facebook owes you a gazillion dollars and a bigger penis for all the good it will do.

Your interactions with Facebook are governed by an agreement you previously made, that both parties entered into—even if you didn’t read it. When you signed up with Facebook, you agreed to its terms of service. If you’ve been there for a while, you’ve even agreed to new terms as they’ve been updated over the years. That doesn’t change because Facebook is a public company, and it doesn’t change because you post some dumb crap on your timeline. It changes when Facebook offers new terms, and you accept them either by explicit agreement or your continued presence there.