Reporting Rumors

Stephen Hackett for 512 Pixels:

With Apple’s WWDC keynote less than a week away, most of the Internet has lit its hair on fire and is running in circles, moving from one rumor site to another, trying to glean information on what Tim Cook and company might announce.

While a look at Mountain Lion and iOS 6 seem inevitable, rumors now say the entire Mac line might get updated. They’ll have Retina displays, or at least USB 3. Google Maps is getting kicked the curb (perhaps), on Apple’s fancy-ass, big-and-tall iPhone 5. (Or iPhone 6. OMG WHAT DO WE CALL IT?)

At the very least, sources say, all of Apple’s new hardware and software will include a new coating of unicorn fairy magic dust.

Given the rising cacophony of listless rumor in the lead-up to WWDC, Stephen’s take on the topic is endlessly relevant, humorous, and entertaining. Definitely a post to keep bookmarked until Monday’s event.