John McEnroe John McEnroe is pre-emptively furious about Apple’s WWDC announcements

As the waves of regurgitated and unsubstantiated nonsense begin to lap onto the digital shore, I ask that we might all take a moment of pause to consider the implications of such disappointingly poor journalism.

Leaping from poorly formed premise to equally flimsy conclusion, we collectively find ourselves on the cusp of Apple’s latest announcements and a further deluge of ill-informed, misguided, and contextless rumor.

Rather than raise our expectations to further dizzying heights, perhaps we ought to simply wait. To appreciate innovation and ingenuity for their true value, instead of their misperceived lapses.

Such is the premise for my latest article for The Loop — the first in a very long time. To save you from the entirety of the 1,045 word article, here’s an excerpt from my conclusion:

Perhaps link bait is a short-term solution for advertising revenue and attention, but I daresay that treating readers with deserved respect is a much better avenue to a sustainable audience.

In the remaining few days, here’s hoping we can all enjoy some intelligent, informed discussion rather than light our collective hair on fire.