Dropbox Doubles Pro Subscriber Space


Chris Herbert:

The very popular folder sync service Dropbox is giving every Pro member a big surprise today by doubling the amount of space of their Dropbox account. Pro accounts will now get double the space they had before. Their new blog post says, “Today we’re happy to announce that our upgrades are getting a huge upgrade! Dropbox Pro now comes in flavors of 100 and 200 GB, but at the price of the original 50 and 100 GB plans. For those of you who need even more space, a brand new 500 GB plan is also joining the posse! If you’re already a Dropbox Pro subscriber, just take a seat and enjoy the fireworks — your Dropbox will supersize itself automatically tonight.”

Having spent much of the weekend wrangling Dropbox into a central position for my newfound multi-Mac setup, I must say that I’m excited about this. Dropbox is a fantastic service, and the new level of space is utterly deserving of the cost.

Considering the increasing competition in the cloud storage space, Dropbox appears to be on the right track, indeed.

The full announcement from Dropbox is on the Official Dropbox Blog.