Nokia Lumia 900 Available for $49.99

Lumia 900

Sam Byford:

AT&T has slashed the price of the Nokia Lumia 900 in half. From this weekend onward you’ll be able to pick up the flagship Windows Phone for an upfront price of $49.99 on top of the two year contract.

I’ve been dabbling with the Lumia 900 for the past few weeks, and I cannot say that I’m surprised by this move. Beyond the obvious failings of the device, Windows Phone 8’s impending incompatibility with Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone is certainly an enormous agent of difficulty for all parties involved.

Much ink has been spilled discussing Microsoft’s partner relationships lately and, although I’d like to defend Microsoft as a resurgent innovator, there is clearly a steadily yawning divide between Microsoft and its purported allies. As much as I’m fascinated and excited by this new Microsoft, there is plenty of cause for reticence in light of such a growing disconnect.