System Extension

System Extension

Stephen Hackett:

I’m happy to announce System Extension, the new monthly e-book companion to 512 Pixels. Put together with iBooks Author, System Extension includes bonus content, an inside look at what I do here on the site, tips, tricks and more.

Amidst the recent discussions of weblog monetization, Stephen Hackett has just unveiled the latest perk for his paid members: System Extension. The first issue is available for your free perusal on 512 Pixels.

Regardless of the content, Stephen is providing a measurably unique service to his members. In an industry increasingly characterized by the uninspired duplication of business plans, the very sentiment of attempting something new — just as I wrote with regard to Ben Brooks — is of the utmost importance.

Moreover, as the first issue is available for free, the reader is able to make an informed judgment regarding the value of the membership. Such transparency is fairly rare, and I certainly applaud his experiments in this field.

For more information regarding Stephen’s membership model, visit 512 Pixels.