"This Is How You Live at the Bottom of the Ocean"


Brian Lam:

You can see it from the surface of the water: a blue outline 50 feet down. Aquarius. The last undersea base. Diving down to it is like falling slowly into another world.

I wish I could live there. The fish would be my neighbors. The sky would always be blue—if a little wet. And, instead of a stroll, I’d just go for a swim. This Saturday, I watched Aquanauts move in. And then it was my turn. I threw on my gear and hit the water.

An endlessly fascinating look at the Aquarius base from Mr. Lam.

Post-Gizmodo, Brian Lam has evidently embarked upon a significant period of self-discovery. Focusing upon all that is dear to him — particularly the ocean — Lam has assumed a notably affable role within the technological community. Stepping back from the dramatic landscape, Lam has become a voice of sound reason and guidance for even the most unlikely of scenarios.

Given the over-excited nature of the technology writing community, Lam has established himself as an agent of the utmost importance for the sustenance of level-headed, and contextually informed viewpoints.

For more, Lam was interviewed by GigaOM regarding his latest shift in tone, passion, and attitude.