Contemporary Internet-driven discussion is frequently marred by an ever-worsening state of contextually bereft thought. Lacking forethought, research, and circumstantial awareness, individuals continue to blindly perpetuate an ill-informed stereotype of Internet discourse. Sporting dogmatic adherence to a particular brand, metered discussion has been quickly stifled by the hands of the near-sighted.

Amidst such misanthropic discussions, however, exists a distinct yearning for balance. Increasingly, for each blind dismissal of a product, there is an undertone of questioning for such behavior. In moments of intense excess, there are those who seek to quietly contemplate the alternate route. For every genuine sentiment of innovative excitement, there is a rising cacophony of brand-agnostic appreciation and constructive happiness.

Therein lies the priceless value of this growing community and, indeed, the distinct opportunity for novel, new means for balanced discourse.

Since its founding, the narrative purpose of ONE37 has been the exploration of this environment. Rather than blindly focusing upon one brand, philosophy, or perception over another, I have sought to foster a sense of far-reaching context and insight. Regardless of any semblance of success (or lack thereof) I may have achieved in this time, I continue to hold an indefatigable desire to do more.

Several weeks ago, Myke Hurley reached out to me about a new project for his 70 Decibels podcasting network. The podcast was conceived as a means for those well-entrenched within the Apple ecosystem to extend and strengthen their perception of the competitive landscape beyond the traditional scope. To further the metered, intelligent appraisal of the competitive technological world. In other words, Myke Hurley had built the framework for a truly compelling, important, and novel conversation to take place.

Based upon this premise, it is my pleasure to announce the latest podcast to grace the airwaves of the 70 Decibels network: Bionic.

Hosted by myself and Myke Hurley, Bionic is a weekly exploration into the competitive landscape of the technological environment. With a primary focus upon Android, Myke and I lend years of experience within the Apple ecosystem toward a didactic, unique, and important appraisal of the broader contextual environment in which we find ourselves. Sporting a variety of Android-equipped hardware, Myke and I have delved into the oft-decried operating system for several weeks, and have been avidly discussing our findings in anticipation of the inaugural show.

Bionic is not a treatise into the superiority of one environment over another, rather, it seeks to deconstruct the hyperbole and cut to the very core of the competitive landscape in a truly agnostic manner. From deep within the Apple-centric community, Myke and I wish to venture out into the unknown and report back with our findings. To construct a new level of discourse, and perhaps comprehend the nuanced relationships between even the most disparate of competitors.

Given the fundamental values of ONE37, the affability of the entire 70 Decibels line-up, and Myke’s foresight in his creation of the show, I simply cannot wait for Bionic to get underway.

In launching this podcast, Myke and I hope that many of you will feel the desire to contribute to the ongoing discussion. To share your experiences, thoughts, and beliefs concerning the conflict between mobile technologies. Although there are only two vocal co-hosts, the show will prove to be utterly inconsequential without the contributions and insights of the community. Without context and circumstantial awareness, Bionic will fall victim to the very ideal it seeks to combat.

Thanks to various corporate advocates of the project, Bionic will contend with a multitude of devices, operating systems, and form factors to facilitate a far-reaching and comprehensive outlook of the landscape. Furthermore, a variety of platform experts will contribute to the ongoing discussion, and developers will provide insight into the broad state of mobile development. In other words, Bionic is shaping up to be a multi-faceted, unique, and endlessly exciting project of which you can all be a part.

The inaugural episode is set to record on Thursday, July 5, and will be available for all to consume shortly thereafter. More information will be available regarding availability, show notes, and future methods to get in touch as the week progresses. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to myself and Myke Hurley to share your thoughts, hopes, and desires for Bionic.