VLC 2.0.2 Adds Retina Support, Arrives for Android


Early this morning, VideoLAN has announced the release of a Retina-enabled version of its popular media consumption tool, VLC. Dante D’Orazio reports for The Verge:

VLC 2.0.2 has just been released for Windows and OS X, and while the update further tweaks video playback on both platforms, the major changes come to the version for Apple’s desktop OS. For those who took the plunge and upgraded to the MacBook Pro with Retina display, you’ll notice that the update introduces support for the high-resolution screen. This extends not only to icons and menus, but also to the video content itself, as can be seen below (2.0.1 on the left, 2.0.2 on the right playing a 4K video). All Mac users should be very glad to hear that the VideoLAN team has also seen fit to obliterate the “building font cache” window that had a nasty habit of popping up after every single update, delaying movie watching experiences the world over.

VLC 2.0.2 is available from VideoLAN. The full change log is also available from VideoLAN.

In other news, VLC is edging ever-closer to its arrival on the Android platform. Aaron Souppouris reports for The Verge:

It’s been quite a wait, but after months of speculation, and a lengthy wait for approval, VLC has hit Android in beta form. VideoLAN, the developer of the app, notes that the version is not stable, but it managed to play back our on-device content without issue. The beta is only for devices with an ARMv7 processor that supports the NEON engine (which, thankfully accounts for the vast majority of Android devices), but VideoLAN promises it will release separate applications to support a wider range of phones and tablets.

VLC for Android (Beta) is available from Google Play. For more information, visit the official VLC for Android page provided by VideoLAN.