Climbing the Mountain

Mountain Lion

Amidst the epic arrival of today’s Mountain Lion reviews, I only have one thought to share regarding the feature-laden operating system update. Simply, the addition of the “Mountain” moniker to the existing “Lion” name is indicative of the entirety of today’s release.

With Lion, Apple wrought havoc upon the Apple community. Inverted scrolling, half-baked iCloud implementation, auto-save, and innumerable elements of controversy forged a divergence in the OS’ critical reception. Further, with OS X Lion, the infamous term “iOS-ification” was given rise amidst ill-considered wails of dissatisfaction with Apple’s software strategy.

Today, the Lion we have come to embrace, albeit begrudgingly for some, has attained some semblance of maturity. Climbing the proverbial mountain, the Lion has learned much of itself, its bounds, and what it requires for survival. For each good concept that suffered from woefully poor implementation, the Lion has taken stock, adopted an aggressive path of self-betterment, and now stands to reap the rewards.

OS X Mountain Lion is every bit an iterative improvement upon its predecesor. Perhaps some elements remain in developmental nascence and perhaps some even pose issues of stability, but the overall sentiment is of unified optimism. OS X Mountain Lion should absolutely be purchased by any and all Mac users without any hesitation, and there really isn’t much more to say than that.

For $19.99, the user receives unspoken corrections for any prior mistakes, a resounding endorsement of the Mac as a lasting platform, and a wonderful way to continue to work and interact with a computer for the coming year.

Mountain Lion is available for purchase from the Mac App Store.