MacStories Features: OS X Mountain Lion


Gabe Glick:

MacStories is pleased to announce their first eBook, MacStories Features: OS X Mountain Lion, for $6.99. With a detailed review of Mountain Lion, numerous sections covering its new apps and features in depth, and 30% of its proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, MacStories Features: OS X Mountain Lion is a great way to learn about Mountain Lion, support MacStories, and fight cancer all at once.

In my humble opinion, MacStories is easily one of the best Mac news resources available. Boasting a brilliant staff, a fantastic collective voice, and a penchant for testing the bounds of the publishing arena, the site continues to leap from strength to strength.

Today, some 27,000 words later, MacStories has published the entirety of its Mountain Lion coverage as a purchasable e-book. Beyond the fantastic coverage (and a foreword by Shawn Blanc), thirty percent of each sale is donated to the American Cancer Society.

You can (and should) buy the first MacStories e-book from E-Junkie.