Mountain Lion Miscellany

Mountain Lion

Shawn Blanc:

As a card-carrying member of the Apple Fanboy Brotherhood™ it’s my unspoken responsibility to write something nerdy about the Mountain Lion. And so here are a few of my favorite changes, updates, and nit picks which are to be found in OS X 10.8.

Although I certainly appreciate the enormous tomes produced for the release of Mountain Lion, I think the most fascinating portions of the OS lie in the subtleties deep within the granular facets of the software.

From my extensive (and ongoing) experiences with Android, the most disappointing element of the OS continues to be the distinct lack of such nuanced polish. Reading through Shawn’s list, I’m reminded of precisely why Apple products continue to enjoy such resounding success, and why Android — although improved — still cannot tear me away from the Apple ecosystem.

In stark contrast to Microsoft’s penchant for ten thousand word posts outlining every detail of an impending update, Apple’s process continues to be veiled in secrecy. Thus, as a result, the end-user is blessed with the opportunity to delve deep into the operating system to discern what, precisely, has changed. Such moments of discovery and delight contribute to the deep-seated affability of Apple’s software experiences — something its competitors have yet to effectively harness.