Kara Swisher Debunks Apple-Twitter Investment Rumor

Kara Swisher:

Apple and Twitter did do some courting, but it was a while back, so the Journal was right.

Twitter don’t need the dough — it has a big amount of money in its kitty, so the Times was right.

Twitter will probably try to go public at some point — and good luck with that! — as both the Times and the Journal noted, but everyone already knew that one.

Actually, this is all kind of old news, but it did liven up our weekend, so both media outlets and others were right to chew all over it until it was like cud.

And, I will throw one in: Google’s also not making any bid, although they once did contemplate it; same for Facebook, but their acquisition effort of Twitter was a dog’s age ago, and in a much better time for it.

Rather embarrassing for The New York Times, I’m sure.