WSJ: Apple In Talks With Cable Providers

Apple TV

Jessica E. Vascellaro and Shalani Ramachandran:

Apple Inc. is in talks with some of the biggest U.S. cable operators about letting consumers use an Apple device as a set-top box for live television and other content, according to people familiar with the matter.

[…] The talks illustrate that Apple is seeking a less radical path to expand in television than it has contemplated in the past, namely teaming up with existing service providers rather than licensing content to compete with them directly.

Amidst the steadily worsening quantity of rumors regarding the purported 7-inch iPad and new iPhone, the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t heard much of Apple’s mythical television efforts in quite some time. Right on cue, the Wall Street Journal has chimed in with a deflationary post regarding the potential consequences of Apple’s entry into such a space.

Given the establishment of the Wall Street Journal as an frequent leaking ground for Apple PR, the timing of such a news item seems awfully convenient for Cupertino. As expectations and hopes regarding Apple’s television entry have begun to utterly evolve beyond the bounds of reality, a well-timed piece of news metering the consumer vision of such a product makes plenty of sense — particularly with a view to the incessant beat of iPhone and iPad rumors set to quickly wash away any consumer letdown or concern.

With that said, it’s important to remember that despite the Wall Street Journal’s obvious penchant for Apple PR-driven news, this may well be an exception. Accordingly, rather than treating such an item as canonical fact, until confirmed by Apple, it’s endlessly important to remember that this and, indeed, all of the news regarding smaller iPads and thinner iPhones, reside within the bounds of rumor. Nothing more.