"What Does Groupon's Collapse Mean for Tech Stocks? How About: Nothing"

"And the death count is at zero!"

Derek Thompson for The Atlantic:

Does Groupon’s weak 2012 hail the end of the new-tech/social-media wave? Maybe. Nobody knows. Is it sensible to write an article tying the investor exodus from Groupon to the disappointing performance of newish public tech companies that frankly have nothing to do with either Groupon’s business model or Groupon? I don’t know if it’s sensible. But it is certainly simple.

Beyond inane iPhone part leaks and conjecture regarding the outcome of a particular court case, the world of technology is relatively quiet. Accordingly, as is befitting of self-respecting journalists scattered across the Internet, the average reader has been greeted with utter drivel for the past few weeks.

Groupon’s stock is dropping, Facebook’s stocks are low, and all-too-many are attempting to project a correlation upon a situation undeserving of such excruciating attention. The vast majority of the resultant content is borderline unreadable, and is certainly not worthy of any particular coverage on my weblog (or others).

As is aptly highlighted by Thompson, drawing simplistic and ill-considered conclusions for the sake of passing the time is poor form. Perhaps I’m blessed that I can allow my weblog to lie fallow for several days at a time with little consequence, but I tend to think there is still very little excuse for the persistent spewing of irrelevant chatter onto respectable outlets.