Supporting Content Makers

Myke Hurley:

Personally, it’s not about the perks that are offered that entice me to sign up. It’s not this stuff that makes the decision for me, it all boils down to a pretty simple sentiment.

If I lived in the same town as (insert webite owner’s name here), would I buy them a coffee once a month?

Although the coffee analogy has been frequently applied to the independent content scenario, Myke’s unique take on the topic certainly provided a point of pause for me this week. Not only does Myke’s argument re-emboss the pleasant sense of community inherent to the technology sphere, it’s also an extraordinarily astute manner one might consider supporting independent creators in the first place.

Personally, I have a vested interest in the sustenance and prosperity of the independent environment. Thus, when a writer — regardless of quality or stature — institutes a means for monetization, I’ll typically be quick to subscribe, donate, or join. For those outside of this environment, however, Myke’s perspective provides for an apt and tangible manner in which anyone can help the creators they enjoy.