Adobe Acquires Behance

The Behance Team Blog:

Our mission to connect and empower the creative world is getting a big boost today. Our team is thrilled to join Adobe and take Behance to the next level. We’ve been given an opportunity to influence creative work, careers, and the creative industry on a grand scale, and we intend to do just that.

As a Creative Cloud subscriber, I find this news to be very encouraging, indeed.

Creative Cloud has gone from strength to strength since its introduction. Although I was somewhat skeptical as to how long I'd sustain a membership at the outset, I've enjoyed each and every month since. With the recent introduction of the Dropbox-esque Creative Cloud Connection, the service is inching toward all that I'd idealistically hoped it might become.

Now, with the acquisition of Behance, Adobe clearly has its eyes set on the increased socialization of its cloud subscription service. And, if implemented tactfully, that could prove to be an extremely useful feature.

With Creative Cloud, Adobe is steadily moving its historically clumsily interconnected products into a tight-knit grouping of collaborative and communicative software. The Creative Suite is beginning to feel much more akin to a thriving ecosystem, rather than a stand-alone product-line. Where being on the cutting-edge of creative software once felt prohibitive, Creative Cloud now contributes a feeling of facilitation and enablement. And, in my opinion, that's an invaluable thing.

For a company that I was so well-trained to dislike, Adobe continues to impress me with Creative Cloud. It's a forward-thinking initiative — one that I'm pleased the company has chosen to throw all of its weight behind.