Perspective, Issue #1: Matt Alexander

Christian Colocho:

Perspective is about the views of our current landscape by those who make, write, speak, code, and design our future. Those who aren’t afraid to walk a different road, those who say no to the status quo. Today, in our inauguratory episode, Matt Alexander of One37 fame sits with me to discuss the current journalistic landscape and what he thinks could be done to improve it.

Christian was kind enough to invite me to join him for the first issue of his new interview series, 'Perspective.'

We discussed the state of digital publishing, my lessons learned over the first year of OneThirtySeven, large-scale publications, the future of Bionic, and my thoughts concerning the future of consumer technology. All in all, it was a great interview to be a part of and I'm excited to see who else Christian will have a chance to chat with.

Incidentally, given the fact that Christian placed no word limit on my responses, I highly suggest warming up your read later service of choice. I really ran with my "wordy" stereotype.

Finally, if you've yet to visit Christian's site, I recommend you take some time to sift through. Christian is one of the early members of a budding community of independent writers specializing in the Google ecosystem. He has some interesting perspectives that are certainly worth your time.