John Moltz:

Feel free to call us names. Feel free to mock our choice of technology vendor. God knows I do the same thing. Just cut the crap with using terms that denigrate an entire class of people who have nothing to do with our stupid technology fights.

From now on, whenever I see a derogatory comment leveled at someone perceived as a blind supporter of a particular brand, I'm going to point squarely to this paragraph. Moltz couldn't have said it better.

Meanwhile, for people like Mr. Hess who choose to use wording like "iGadgetland," "Mactard," and "iStones," I cannot help but feel pity for them. It's not borne out of sympathy, it's just sad to see such a flagrant lack of cognitive ability to effectively articulate an argument.

In this specific instance, Mr. Hess is evidently rather perturbed by Apple's aggressive release schedule. This perspective, at its core, is not outlandish. In fact, I've seen plenty of staunch Apple supporters expressing varying degrees of upset at precisely the same thing.

And yet, for Hess, he clearly lacks the vocabulary — or the inclination — to make a fair point. Instead, calling upon falsified words with lower-case "i" placed in front, Hess makes a reductive argument about a large swath of his potential audience.

Rather than making a cogent and thought-provoking statement about a company, he — as Moltz writes — "denigrate[s] an entire class of people."

It's just inexcusably pathetic.

Moreover, it's baffling that this form of extremist opinion is still given the time of day, even on older sites like ZDNet. Shameful.