Timeline of the Far Future

Jason Kottke:

The timeline of the far future artice is far from the longest page on Wikipedia, but it might take you several hours to get through because it contains so many enticing detours. What's Pangaea Ultima? Oooh, Roche limit! The Degenerate Era, Poincaré recurrence time, the Big Rip scenario, the cosmic light horizon, the list goes on and on. And the article itself is a trove of fascinating facts and eye-popping phrases. Here are a few of my favorites. (Keep in mind that the universe is only 13.75 billion years old. Unless we're living in a computer simulation.)

As I said yesterday, this is a bottomless pit of greatness.

I'm currently engrossed in the 'Toba Catastrophe Theory,' an offshoot of Supervolcanoes. Unbelievably interesting stuff.